About Me and Jack

I got my dog, Jack, for my 4th birthday when he was only 6 weeks old. Now he is six years old and on July 1st I found out he has lymphoma. Lymphoma is a type of cancer. This blog is about me and jack-jack's experience through chemotherapy.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garage Sale

On August 6 my family and I had a garage sale to help raise money for Jack.  I raised $261.46!!!  It was so amazing!  I cant believe what a success it was.  We already used some of the money at the vet.  I hope we make as much money at our next garage sale as we did last time.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


For the past few days Jack has been playing, eating, and just being happy!  He has been playing with my other dogs.  He also eats faster then my other dogs!  Before he wouldn't eat at all.  When ever i see him he's wagging his tail and prancing around.  He's sprung up like a flower!!  I'm so happy and so is he.  THE TREATMENT IS WORKING!!  Thank you Doctor Zimmerman!!!!  I hope he stays like this for a long time!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Trip to the Vet

This is a picture of me and Jack-Jack at the vet

Today we went to vet for Jack's treatment.  When we first took him he was 47 pounds.  Now he's 48.  I know only 1 pound sounds like a little bit but it's because of his tumors.  They went down so that took away some weight.  He was really skinny too.  Like you could see his ribs and his back bone.  It was really bad.  Now you can still see his ribs but it's much better.  When we went to pick him up he was very happy.  He was so excited he played with the other people at the vet.  Jack loves people.  Especially kids.  I asked the vet some questions like if we can take him on walks and stuff.  I also asked about some ingredients for dog treats i want to make.  I didn't know if I could use garlic powder.  It turns out you can.  Anyways the results of his treatment are amazing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeding Jack

Feeding Jack at first was a challenge.  He wouldn't eat his dry food so we started feeding him chicken and rice.  Sometimes his stomach hurt bad enough to where he wouldn't eat chicken so we had  to give him slices of cheese.  When his stomach hurt really bad we fed him bread.  My mom says it's because chicken and cheese were to strong and bread was nice and plain.  When he started taking his treatment he felt good enough to have dry food mixed with canned food.  Then as he got better we just mixed water and dry food.  Now we just give him dry food.  It's funny because he doesn't eat it at first because he's used to fancy food. Haha!  Though, once he sees that the other dogs have the same food he starts to eat.  He's always the last to finish, then again he always has.  I'm really happy with the results of the cemo.  I mean HE'S EATING REGULAR FOOD.  His stomach doesn't seem to hurt anymore.  Yay!  :)

Pictures of Jack

Jack before cancer

Jack with cancer

I know this is a lot of pictures
The black dog is my dog buster and the german shepherd is trinity

Expensive Treatment

Jack-Jack's treatment costs a lot of money.  I mean A LOT of money.  To help pay for it we need to come up with ways to raise money.  We are going to have a garage sale in a couple of weeks.  I'm getting rid of a lot of my old stuff that I don't need.  We are also going to sell doggie biscuits online.  We  have a lot of dog recipes and dog cookie cutters.  I also have retired littlest pet shop that I will put on ebay as well.  I have like over 100 and I saw that they were selling them for like 5 dollars each.  Hopefully we get a lot of money from those things.  Let's keep our finger's crossed

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding Out That Jack-Jack has Cancer

It was July 1st and my mom had taken Jack to the vet.  He hadn't been eating and was getting unusually skinny.  Expecting a bad tooth I wasn't worried at all.  Then my mom came home missing one thing, Jack.  She told me that they were doing some tests on him.  She talked about how he could either have heart worm or lymphoma and that he could die.  She said that the vet would call her when they found out what was wrong with Jack.  You couldn't imagine how waiting for that call was.  Knowing he could die was devastating.  Suddenly, the sound of my mom's phone going off broke the silence of the room.  "Kidnap the Santa Claus" from Nightmare Before Christmas.  My heart sank.  When my mom ended the phone call she looked at me with tears in her eyes.  She told me he had lymphoma.  HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?? He's a beloved family pet!  He's my "baby"!  My mom and I cried for a while in our house entryway.  We went to the vet and waited at the counter for Jack.  I couldn't stop crying.  I couldn't breath!  Finally, the arrival of Jack through the hallway put a smile on my face.  On the way home Jack sat in the back of the car with me.  My mom tried to cheer me up by telling me that Jack was happy to see me but I still couldn't stop crying.  I kept thinking to myself, how can I live without him?  We have 2 other dogs, Buster and Trinity.  They were happy to see Jack.  Then I realized how close they were.  They were a family, they're own little pack.  How were they going to respond when it was Jack's time.  Are they going to get depressed?  I was in for A LOT of crying.